For the Bést Yacht Service 

Orhaniye Palmiye Marina

About Us

SailBest technical service is part of SailBest International a Dutch Chartercompany with more then 17 years experience in yacht charter, flotilla, sailing courses and technical maintenance of the ships in their fleet.

SailBest technical service has a professional team who works enthausiastically to solve your problems and furfill your wishes effectively. Whether this is concerning the job of electronics, painting, polyester work, woodworking, rigging or marine diesel engine, Yacht Service SailBest offers the facilities you need to get or keep your boat in an optimal condition.

SailBest technical service has a great reputation. The managers Martin and Adrieenne are working since many years in the charter business. With their team of specialists they will take care of your yacht as it was their own.

SailBest yacht charter has her permanent base in Palmiye Marina in Orhaniye.

The services of SailBest are excellent and we provide this in the whole South West region of Turkey